Hilda Zamora

Attorney, Speaker & Visionary Leader

My mission is to help Latina women everywhere to reclaim their voice and harness the power that lives within them so that they can architect their own destiny.

An Inspirational Story

Hilda Zamora is an Attorney and Visionary Leader who is dedicated to helping women, especially Latina women, break free from generational barriers and beliefs that have stifled their voice and their power.

Hilda is also a first-generation college graduate, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of California, Davis. She also earned a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Chapman University in the City of Orange County.

In pursuit of her deep desire to serve her community, Hilda moved on to earn a Juris Doctorate degree from Irvine University College of Law. She received such high grades that she was the school’s valedictorian and the recipient of high-honor recognition from the state of California.

Today she’s known as a legal giant in her community as she works on behalf of the voiceless and powerless in the Coachella Valley.

With a lens to social justice and equality, Hilda is passionate about inspiring the Latina community with her storytelling, life lessons, wisdom, and 3-part framework—Discover, Ignite, Reinvent—to architect their destiny and achieve the life they’ve always dreamed of.

The life we all deserve.

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Why Hilda?

The very nature of Hilda’s story alone is already inspiring listeners and helping them to build courage for their own journeys. But getting to hear Hilda’s story, along with her lessons and advice, straight from her? That’s an irreplaceable experience.

Hilda’s thoughtfulness and calm approach stirs up audiences in a whole new way—one that doesn’t require flashing lights and overstimulation. Instead, she graciously invites her audience into her story and then compassionately flips the mirror to them, helping them to locate themselves and their own stories within hers, ultimately finding an alternative, better, healthier way forward.

No one walks away from Hilda’s storytelling and teaching untouched or unchanged.

Hilda Zamora


Derecho Libertad y Justicia
Breaking Labels

Speaking Topics


As women, we’ve been prepped and conditioned to accept mediocrity and settle for less—from doing things we don’t enjoy in order to not rock the boat… to allowing disrespect and mistreatment from partners and those we love. Not anymore. It’s time to dismantle the imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs that keep us settling for less.


From a very early age, Latinas are cut off from their voices. But our voice is our identity. It is our power. When you learn to identify the generational barriers and societal influences that have kept your voice captive, you’ll unleash your voice, reclaim your power, and use your gifts to help the voiceless around you.


Less than 2% of U.S. attorneys are Latinas. And on average, Latinas make 57 cents to the dollar made by white, non-Latino men. The cards are stacked against Latinas in the judicial system and in society in general. Discover how to get free of the cultural and societal limitations that are inhibiting your growth.

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We deserve more.